Booked Scheduler Help

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Under the Schedule menu item you will find the Booking item. This will show you the available, reserved and blocked slots on the schedule and allow you to book resources that you have permission to.

Making a Reservation


On the Bookings page, find the resource, date and time you'd like to book. Clicking on the time slot will allow you change the details of the reservation. Clicking the Create button will check availability, book the reservation and send out any emails. You will be given a reference number to use for reservation follow-up.

Only Application Administrators can create reservations in the past.

Any changes made to a reservation will not take effect until you save the reservation.

Using Schedule View

Using the Resource Filter to Find a Room

Find A Time

Under Schedule there is an option to Find A Time. This gives you the ability to search for any available slot that meets your criteria.

Recurring Dates

A reservation can be configured to recur a number of different ways. For all repeat options the Until date is inclusive.

The repeat options allow for flexible recurrence possibilities. For example: Repeat Daily every 2 days will create a reservation every other day for your specified time. Repeat Weekly, every 1 week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday will create a reservation on each of those days every week at your specified time. If you were creating a reservation on 2011-01-15, repeating Monthly, every 3 months on the day of month would create a reservation every third month on the 15th. Since 2011-01-15 is the third Saturday of January, the same example with the day of week selected would repeat every third month on the third Saturday of that month.

Updating a Reservation

You can update any reservation that you have created or that was created on your behalf.

Updating Specific Instances From a Series

If a reservation is set up to repeat, then a series is created. After you make changes and Update the reservation, you will be asked which instances of the series you want to apply the changes to. You can apply your changes to the instance that you are viewing (Only This Instance) and no other instances will be changed. You can update All Instances to apply the change to every reservation instance that has not yet occurred. You can also apply the change only to Future Instances, which will update all reservation instances including and after the instance you are currently viewing.

Only Application Administrators can update reservations in the past.

Deleting a Reservation

Deleting a reservation completely removes it from the schedule. It will no longer be visible anywhere in Booked Scheduler

Deleting Specific Instances From a Series

Similar to updating a reservation, when deleting you can select which instances you want to delete.

Only Application Administrators can delete reservations in the past.

Advanced Booked Scheduler Options

Reservation Tablet View

Booked provides a tablet-friendly view of a resource's current availability. To launch this view, open then choose the resource to display. From this view users can view the current availability, check in to their reservation, and book new reservations.